Mohanlal quotes

1. Ganesh Kumar (Actor, Politician)

YouTube - Ganesh Kumar

GK: Oru actor enna nilayil mammoottyku orupadu limitations undu...Mohanlal anu India kanda...India-l kandittullathil vechu ettavum valya nadan..Mohanlalnte kanpeelikal, naghathinte attam polum abhinayikkum
2. Gopinath Muthukad(Magician)

YouTube - Gopinath Muthukad
GM: Adhehathinte (Mohanlal's) oru kazhivu ennu parnajal njangal magicians albudhapedunna kazhivanu..athramathram fast ayittanu adheham karyangal padichedukkunathu....

3. Amitab Bachan (Actor)

YouTube - Amitabh Bachan on Mohanlal
AB: I have great admiration for Mohanlal. I think he's one of the finest actors in the country today. He is so relaxed and so normal and so effortless.....He (Mohanlal) is the most natural actor that we have in the country today

4. Shah Rukh Khan

5. Suriya(Tamil Actor)

YouTube - Actor Surya praises Mohanlal
Suriya: Mohanlal's body language oru music mathiri irikkum...
6. Priyadarshan (Director)

YouTube - Priyadarshan: Maniratnam is in awe of Mohanlal

7. Soundarya (Actress)
YouTube - Soundarya's few words about Mohanlal

S:... A very down to earth person and a very good friend...
8. Kalabhavan Mani (Actor)

YouTube - Kalabhavan Mani on Mohanlal

9. Sharath (Music Director)
YouTube - I am proud to work with Lal: Sarath

10. Sona Nair (Actress)

YouTube - Sona Nair about Lal

11. Shaji N Karun (Director, Cinematographer)

12. Mammootty (Actor)

13. Sathyan Anthikkad (Director)

14. Balu

Mohanlal's mannerisms as villain are superb: Balu

15. Jagathy (Actor)
Mohanlal and I have great chemistry: Jagathy

16. Suresh Menon

Suresh menon about Lal
SM: Mohanlal sir oru institution of acting...lalettan is incomparable...complete actor Mohanlal
17. Sukumari (Actress)
Sukumari talks about Mohanlal's commitment.

"Mohanlal is a born actor"- Thilakan (Actor)

"Sooshma Bhavangal polum ethrayum manoharam ayittum mughathum shareerathilum..athayathu body language-lum kanikkunna oru nadane namukku vere kaanan kazhiyilla" -Kamal (Director)

"he (Mohanlal) has an amazing ability to be the character and not play the character"- Mani Ratnam (Director)

"Samvidayakan nirdeshikkunna manangalkku appuram thantethaya oru maanam koody adhehathinu athil cherthu vekkan pattum..." -MT Vasudevan Nair (Author, Script Writer)

"Lalnte koode abhinayikkumbol valareyadhikam sookshikkanam...'coz aa scene angane thanne neelum athu kondu kannu chimman polum padilla..."- Revathy (Actress, Director)

"Indiale ettavum nalla nadan aranennu chodichal njan definitely Mohanlal enne parayoo..."- Priyadarshan

Actress Sarada, Prabhu (Choreographer, Actor), TK Rajeev Kumar (Director)
and so many commenting
YouTube - Mohanlal is a phenomenon- New year gift to fans from TCA Team

19. Padmarajan (Author, Script Writer, Director)

20. Bharathan (Artist, Director)

21. Dileep (Actor)

22. Fazil (Director, Script Writer)

22. Gouriyamma (Politician)

23. Shiney Ahuja, Bollywood Actor

24. Nasserudein Shah (Actor)

^from manorama online

25. Venu Nagavally (Director, Actor, Script Writer)

26. S. Kumar

28. Jeeva (Tamil Actor)

29. Renjith (Director, Script Writer)

30. Mukesh (Actor)
YouTube - Mukesh: I'm a proud friend of Mohanlal

31. G Karthikeyan (Politician)

32. Jagathi Sreekumar (Actor)

33. Joshiy (Director)

34. Lohitadas (Scriptwriter, Director)

35. Mammootty (Actor)

36. Bhumika (Actress)

37. Venkitesh (Telugu Actor)

38. Bala (Actor)

YouTube - Bala About Mohanlal

Bala: "Lalettane kurichu parayumbol...not only a superstar...he's a gem of a person..oru personality ayittu nokkumbozhu he's so down to earth, very friendly..mattu actors-ne orupadu help cheyyum..enikku valare ishtapetta oru cinema nadan anu lalettan"
39. Badhran (Director)(Velli Issue #1080)

40. Sibi Malayil (Director)

YouTube - I am so surprised of the talents of Lal and Manju: Sibi

41. Amitab Bachchan

Day 725
DAY 725 |

42. Karthik Sivakumar (Tamil Actor/Surya's brother)

43. Sathyan Anthikkad (Director)

Mathrubhumi Frames

44. Jithesh Pillai (
Jithes Pillai, Editor of Filmfare)

45. Aishwarya (Actress)

46. Vikram (Tamil actor)

YouTube - Raavanan-press & Premiere Show - Part 3
Vikram: ...Mohanlal such a wonderful of the best actors in the world...
watch 4.04 min

47. Amitabh Bachan
Big B's Blog

DAY 800 |

Tomorrow morning its off to Ooty for the Mohan Lal film. Mohan Lal has been and still is one our most incredible talents, from Kerala and the Malayalam film industry. I have admired him and his work through many years of my existence in this profession. He has a unique body and face language. You get the feeling that he is doing nothing, yet it results in the most amazing results - natural, without effort and effective. Just such a joy to watch him.

If you remember I had been to the function in Kerala in celebration of Resul Pookuty, the Oscar winner from ‘Slumdog’. It was there that Mohan Lal a guest at the occasion had come up to my room with his director Major Ravi to put up this idea and this proposal. My admiration for Mohan Lal could never have made me refuse this offer and so I do it for him. A few weeks later they all came to meet up with me in Mumbai to set up all the details for the shoot and after that was over put up the inevitable question that most producers do of remuneration ! I had laughed at them. What ? Charge you for working for 3 days in a Mohan Lal film ? An actor I admire ?? You must be joking !! No way, no fees, no nothing. Just tell me when I have to report and where. That is all.

The language will be Malayalam, but my character is North Indian so I shall be speaking in Hindi, with the odd sentence in Malayalam. Now that shall be tough, but effort shall be made, lets see what happens. Kerala as you all know is the most literate state in the country and this morning I read that it is the state with the highest GDP in the country. That is amazing !! Kerala - God’s own country.

48. Balu Mahendra

Mathrubhumi Frames - ഓര്*മകള്* ഓളങ്ങള്*...
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49. Samudrakani
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50. Shaji N Karun (Director)

50. "Mohanlal India's Best Actor" - Says Kala Master

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51. Padmapriya

52. Ravi Teja, Telugu superstar

The actor's comic timing is earning rave reviews and his movies don't need comedians as he makes up for them. Ravi reveals that he watches films of Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, Mohanlal, Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda for inspiration.

Ravi defends his 'comic' action and declares that making people laugh is one of the toughest things. "Most of my emotions are picked up from observing people in real life. Besides, I am an avid follower of Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda, Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi and Mohanlal. All of them are masters in blending comedy with action. Their comic timing is splendid and each of them is an absolute entertainer," he says.
I love to make people laugh: Ravi - The Times of India

53. Rajkumar Gupta (Director of 'No One Killed Jessica' and 'Aamir')
From Sify Chat Interview
Chat: NOKJ director Rajkumar Gupta

Q : hi ur film was brilliant. what all movies do you kerala. have you seen any mallu movies ?

A: My best friend is a Kerala guy.. but I haven't got a chance to watch a lot of Mallu films ...Parthivaran is one of the films I want to watch and I am a big fan of Mohanlal...
54. Shaji N Karun (Director of national award winning movie Vanaprastham)

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55. Nana Patekar

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